Planning / Scheduling Services

Contract Solutions International can provide a range of planning/scheduling services at all stages of project delivery, including:

• Preparation of tender and construction programmes
• Tender and construction programme review and assessment
• Method statement production and/or review
• Advice on resource management
• Programme monitoring and progress reporting
• Management/ Impact of change
• Preparation of, or response to, extension of time/ prolongation/ disruption and lost productivity claims
• Graphical (including 3D) presentations.
• Forensic delay analysis

We recognise that in order to deliver an engineering or construction project by the due date, it is necessary to ensure that work sequences and timings are established and that sufficient resources are allocated to meet time and budget requirements.

Our planners/schedulers are experienced in the methods and procedures available for accomplishing these interrelated objectives, including the integration, as the work progresses, of changes to the scope of work and to the conditions in which they are being performed.

Our planners are also experienced in the forensic analysis of delay and disruption that has occurred on projects.

A properly constructed programme may take more time to compile but it is time well spent. Investment in time preparing a robust programme and developing systems to record progress will pay dividends as the work progresses. It will enable greater control during the project and clearer identification of the effects of change – potentially saving time and money.