Dispute Avoidance & Resolution Services

Disputes between the parties to an engineering or construction contract in relation to who bears the cost for time overruns unplanned work and other change are commonplace. There are a number of processes that the parties may adopt to resolve such disputes these include by negotiation, expert determination, adjudication, arbitration, litigation, mediation or conciliation.

The services that Contract Solutions International provide to avoid such disputes include:

CONTRACT RISK REVIEW: at the tender stage an appraisal of the terms of the contract and tender programme, assessment of the inherent cost and time risk and the development of risk management plans.

CLAIMS: during the course of project, the timely identification of issues and where appropriate, the effective preparation of claims for extension of time, disruption, lost productivity, acceleration, prolongation costs and general damages (or defence to such claims).

Should a dispute arise requiring formal resolution such as adjudication, arbitration or litigation CSI also provides the following services.

EXPERT SERVICES: acting as expert witness, in respect of issues involving quantum, planning (cause and effect analysis, including critical path analysis) and project management.

PREPARATION: Technical assistance in the preparation of claim and response submissions and independent assessment of time and cost impact of the issues in dispute.

CSI can also assist in alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation or expert determination by assisting clients in the management of such processes and in the preparation of documents required. Alternatively members of CSI’s team can be nominated by the parties to a dispute to act as mediators or Experts.